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Optimise Management has Joined the Blogging Community – Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone,

Here at Optimise Management we have finally decided to go ahead and start our very own blog! We thought our first post should include a little bit about our background and how our blog will be able to add value to businesses around the UK (not overly exciting stuff, but nevertheless necessary to begin with!). At least every two weeks we will be supplying you with expert advice towards outsourcing your business services, also keeping you up to date with FREE and heavily discounted business support services available to small and medium sized businesses.

So, who are Optimise Management Ltd?

Optimise Management is a business service outsource supplier, helping businesses to save time and money on their indirect services, through intelligent procurement.

We work mostly with businesses in the East Midlands and South Yorkshire area; however most of our Cost Reduction Services are UK wide.

We act as a virtual purchasing team to businesses that do not have them or as additional support to their existing teams. We make sure all of our customers receive the best services at the best price. Services such as project management, cost reduction, purchasing support and account management services are provided FREE of charge to all of our clients. We make sure you’re not over spending on your current and future business services. If you would like to have a look at the types of services we currently provide, please let us know and we will email you our leaflet.

What is indirect procurement? – This is the act of purchasing services or products that are required to enable the effective day to day running of the business, this may include services such as, HR management, utilities, administration support etc. Direct procurement is the act of obtaining goods and services that directly affect the companies finished product/service. In easy terms Direct Purchasing is the cost for doing business and Indirect purchasing is the cost for being in business. The meanings for both can vary from business to business and sometimes you will see an overlap of services in to both types of procurement.

Optimise Management have a database of approved suppliers that have all been credit checked, reference checked and quality controlled. Our customers have access to these whenever they need it.

When buying a product or service we always recommend they view at least three potential service providers, whether they use our services or not. This ensures that they can bench mark their prices, they are more likely to obtain more solution offerings and find the right company to fit their requirements. We can supply businesses with as many service providers as they need to complete this process and depending on the service we can also send their requirements out to tender on their behalf.
We would like to share with you this completely free of charge service, with no hidden costs and clients get to keep 100% of the savings.

So how do Optimise Management make their money?

We are proud of the way we structure our business. Our ongoing partnerships rely on the fact that we DO NOT put a mark up on the services we provide and we DO NOT take a percentage of the money our customers save over a period of time – This is where we stand out from our competitors. We partner with expert companies in each field and we work with them on an introductory basis only! So our service providers only pay us on the jobs they win and our clients receive a completely free professional management support service.

That is enough about us for now. If anyone would like to find out any more information about how we work, please feel free to contact us.

How will our blog add value to your business?

There is so much free/low cost support and advice out there to help businesses grow and continue to run cost effectively. It is the knowing that they exist part that is the hard work. We will try and provide you with as much information as possible to help you access this as well as keeping you up to date with service benefits and purchasing advise. If any of our readers would like us to post about anything in particular, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for taking the time to read our introduction into the blogging world.

Speak Soon,