Purchasing Support Services

How does the Purchasing Support Services Work?

An example of our most recent enquiry. One of our clients was looking into having a eBay store front designed by a company they have never heard of before. They had received an email from the company and they had requested a quotation. They thought the price was reasonable but where unsure of their business performance. This was where we came in.

Purchasing Support Services

We read through the service terms and conditions to make sure that they would receive the service they had been offered. We also performed credit checks on the company, which did not come back particularly impressively, most probably due to the fact they were a recently registered business. Most importantly they did not have any CCJs against their name. We conducted background research on this company, via the social media sites and business directories and reviews. We were not able to gain that much information from this, but we did not stop there. We contacted the company and asked them for 5 recent references from similar work that they had completed. We then followed up those companies to gather information regarding their performance.

The feedback we received was positive, they had been very efficient, understood their needs and performed everything they said they would. The only negative response we received was that there seemed to be a bit of a language barrier between some of the staff and the client at times, but this issue was minor.

We relayed all this information back to our client and they felt a lot more confident to proceed. They have been very pleased with their service so far and would be happy to use their services again in the future.


What is the Benefits of our Purchasing Support Services?

There are many benefits to your business for this type of service. This can be a time consuming task, especially when they are on a tight time schedule.

This Service gives you access to:Purchasing Support Services

  • Purchasing Confidence
  • Credit Checking Services
  • Company Researching Services
  • Reference Checking Services
  • Professional Recommendations

If the company does not come back with a positive result we will try our best to help you find other companies that will able to provide you with the same service.


Are there any costs involved in our Purchasing Support Services?

We usually provide FREE services to all of our customers. However, this service works differently and we have charge a small fee for this to cover our time and resources.



One Off Business Check – £35.00

1 year Business Check Package – Starts from £20 per month depending on your business requirements.

If you would like to find out any more information regarding our Purchasing Support Services, please contact us.