Commercial Gas and Electricity Services

 In today’s unpredictable markets, gas and electricity prices are constantly changing. This is why having a successful and intelligent procurement strategy as well as gaining access to buying power is essential to achieve savings each year.  Our fixed price purchasing gives you price certainty and helps forecast your annual energy costs.

Renewing your gas & electricity contracts can be a long and stressful process. Getting the best deal for your commercial gas and electric depends on the size, sector, consumption and location of your business. There are also contributing factors from around the world that will impact on UK’s energy prices. This is where our expertise comes in. All we need from you is a copy of your bills and your authorisation to contact your commercial gas and electricity providers and we can let you know how much we can save you!

Let’s face it, energy suppliers do not have the best reputation for customer service, nor do they have a good record for customer complaints! Unfortunately we cannot fix this, but what we can do is contact them on your behalf and resolve any queries that may arise. Our back office contacts get us to who we need to talk to, resolving any issues quickly and efficiently. You would not have to deal with your commercial gas and electricity suppliers again – unless you want to of course.

Commercial Gas and Electricity Services Include:

Commercial Gas and Electricity

  • Advice
  • Tendering Process
  • Correct Meter Verifications
  • Contract/Price Negotiation
  • New/Renewal Contracts
  • Account Management
  • Climate Change Levy (CCL) tax Rebates


Our friendly and professional customer service and account management of energy management services means you will never get tied up in expensive roll-over contract or have to deal with your energy suppliers again.

Optimise Management works as a broker working in association with Switched On Energy. A company that has been supplying commercial gas and electricity services to businesses for over 13 years. Working with companies such as Walkers Crisps and Rexel. You can be confident you will receive a great price for your energy bills.


Thinking of going greener and reducing the amount of energy your business consumes. Could you be entitled to government funding to achieve your intelligent renewable energy project? Want to see a profitable return on your investment? To find out more please click here.